All India Championship


About QuizWiz

QuizWiz presents an opportunity to build your knowledge as you enjoy playing the rounds of quizzes and compete against the students across the country.

QUIZWIZ ALL INDIA CHALLENGE is the finest opportunity to start WINNING BIG THINGS in life through your Enthusiasm and Action.

A quiz programme that will energise school children from across the country competing to overtake each other in this challenge.

The passion for quizzing finds its roots deep within each one of us. These quizzes provide the right platform for displaying the intellect and dedication that WINNERS have in them.

QUIZWIZ ALL INDIA CHALLENGE will cultivate continuous action and the spirit of participation and joy of winning.

All India Quiz Championships

Competitions are held at the school level, district level, state level and national level

The online quiz is conducted every week for practice

The monthly quiz is held online

The State Level Offline Quiz is held once a year

The National Finals are held once a year